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Monitoring MongoDB in Munin on Ubuntu 13.04

Here's how to install munin-node and start monitoring a MongoDB server on a fresh Ubuntu box

sudo apt-get install git munin-node
git clone git:// /home/ubuntu/mongo-munin
sudo ln -sf /home/ubuntu/mongo-munin/mongo_btree /etc/munin/plugins/mongo_btree
sudo ln -sf /home/ubuntu/mongo-munin/mongo_conn /etc/munin/plugins/mongo_conn
sudo ln -sf /home/ubuntu/mongo-munin/mongo_lock /etc/munin/plugins/mongo_lock
sudo ln -sf /home/ubuntu/mongo-munin/mongo_mem /etc/munin/plugins/mongo_mem
sudo ln -sf /home/ubuntu/mongo-munin/mongo_ops /etc/munin/plugins/mongo_ops
sudo service munin-node restart

You can then test it by running:

sudo munin-run mongo_conn

Posted Wed 05 June 2013 by Ivan Dyedov in Linux (Linux, Ubuntu)