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Category: Linux

Sync Videos from a Foscam Webcam

I was recently playing around with a Foscam FI9821W V2 webcam, and found its interface quite lacking in features. For example, it has no option of syncing alarm videos to any remote server. So it would just record until your SD card fills up at which point you would have to manually free up space.

Luckily, it also runs an (undocumented) FTP server on port 50021 where you can access and manage all of SD card contents. So, you can just run the following command as often as you like to move all new videos to your NAS.

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Posted Sat 07 December 2013 by Ivan Dyedov in Linux (Linux)


Monitoring MongoDB in Munin on Ubuntu 13.04

Here's how to install munin-node and start monitoring a MongoDB server on a fresh Ubuntu box

sudo apt-get install git munin-node
git clone git:// /home/ubuntu/mongo-munin
sudo ln -sf /home/ubuntu/mongo-munin/mongo_btree /etc/munin/plugins/mongo_btree
sudo ln -sf /home/ubuntu/mongo-munin/mongo_conn /etc/munin/plugins/mongo_conn
sudo ln -sf /home/ubuntu/mongo-munin/mongo_lock /etc/munin/plugins/mongo_lock
sudo ln -sf /home/ubuntu/mongo-munin/mongo_mem /etc/munin/plugins/mongo_mem
sudo ln -sf /home/ubuntu/mongo-munin/mongo_ops /etc/munin/plugins/mongo_ops
sudo service munin-node restart

You can then test it by running:

sudo munin-run mongo_conn

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Posted Wed 05 June 2013 by Ivan Dyedov in Linux (Linux, Ubuntu)


Installing Sun Java JRE on Ubuntu 11.04

Here's the easiest way to install Sun (Oracle) Java JRE on newer versions of Ubuntu (tested on 11.04) without resorting to third party PPAs.

sudo apt-add-repository "deb natty partner"
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre

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Posted Sat 16 July 2011 by Ivan Dyedov in Linux (Java, Ubuntu, Linux)


Signing an XPI using a VeriSign Code Signing certificate

I recently had to sign a Mozilla Firefox extension using a VeriSign Code Signing certificate. The process to receive the cert is pretty straightforward - you apply for the certificate on VeriSign's page where you input your company details and payment information. By the way, you can use "THEDEAL99" promo code to get $400 off $499 for a Microsoft© Authenticode© certificate to make the price somewhat reasonable. After your application is submitted they verify the validity of your company and the information you put in and issue you the certificate that you can use for code signing.

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Posted Tue 16 November 2010 by Ivan Dyedov in Linux (Cryptography, XPI, code signing, verisign, Linux)